Juanita's Mexican Restaurant is dedicated to exceptional service and excusite food and beverages! We strive for only the best natural foods and grains when preparing and cooking your meals. You will not be dissatisified anytime you take a step into Juanita's Mexican Restaurant!
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Our History

Juanita’s started back in the 70’s, where it all started with one cook. Ramiro Arechiga started as a chef, which soon after became the owner of Juanita’s. His recipes became an instant success, which continues to bring loyal customers over 25+ years later. Today Juanita’s continues to be family owned and operated keeping our traditions alive. Proceeding to share our secret ingredients and recipes with you!
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Our events

Happy Hour
Every Monday – Friday
Live Mariachi
Weekend Buffet
Coming Soon!
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fresh lunch

  • Nachos:
    Always fresh and prepared daily.
  • Tacos:
    Create your own personalized taco!.
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Evening menu

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Hours of Operations


10AM – 1AM


10AM – 1AM


10AM – 1AM


10AM – 1AM


8AM – 3AM


8AM – 3AM


8AM – 1AM


(510) 865-2588


  1. Fantastic brunch

  2. Good food. I love it

  3. I didn’t know you had redecorated! And the food is SO fresh, plus great staff!! We had given up finding a good mexican place in Alameda…what a great surprise to find you again!

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